Sell your products in China

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Sell your products in China

At 247Boutique we connect overseas brands to the Chinese online market through social media, local online marketplaces and Critical Influencers.

Our Integrated Online Branding and E-Commerce ‘Third Party’ service has been helping international brands connect with hyper engaged, Millenial and Gen Z Chinese consumers since 2014.

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Sell your products in China

Integrated Marketing

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand IMC
  • Project execution
  • Visual creative
Sell your merchandise in China
Content Marketing
  • Content IP development
  • Visual design
  • E-commerce content operation
  • PGC content creation
  • Product creative buzz
Sell your niche products in China


  • Ali Ecosystem KOCs
  • Ali Ecosystem KOLs
  • Outside Ali KOL/KOCs
  • TikTok/Douyin Ecosystem Influencers
  • BiliBili Influencers
247Boutique - sell your products in China
Customer Operations
  • CRM
  • Ali Ecosystem KOLs
  • Data analysis
  • Promotions
  • Community Operations

KOL Marketing/Live Stream Commerce

Sell your products to china
Live stream commerce in China
Live stream promotion and pre-purchase to increase conversion
Promotional samples and gifts for a broader range of customers to increase brand exposure amongst followers
Live stream commerce in China
Aligned with in-site activities and real time AD placement to gain more traction

We have access to vertical and crossover KOLs (influencers) who can get your products seen by millions of potential consumers

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